Attractions of Budapest

This is a guide to those who are looking for what to do in Budapest. The city has many great places to visit. This article will help you choose the best Budapest attractions.

Budapest is the heart of Hungary, divided by the beautiful Danube river. It is by far one of the most mesmerizing cities in Europe. If you plan on visiting the city and have no idea what to do there do not worry. With all the attractions it has to offer you will surely fall in love with the city!

How to Get Around in Budapest?

It is fairly easy to navigate around the Budapest, and in case you want to visit different corners of the city you can take advantage of the four line subway there. It is comparably inexpensive and the lines are not complicated in their structure. You can purchase tickets for the whole day, which is convenient if you are planning on running around a lot.

Cruising on the Danube River

There are plenty things to see in the city of Budapest, so make sure you plan your trip wisely not to miss anything! This list of the best attractions will help you navigate through the city and find what to do in Budapest. Firstly, you cannot miss the beautiful Danube River, which divides the city into two districts – Buda and Pest. Hence the name of the city – Budapest!

You can choose to walk around the river or take a cruise on it. The cruises happen during the day or at night, whatever you choose. The Evening Sighting Tour is the best offer, only imagine cruising down the Danube river when the sun is sitting down, looking at the beautiful city of Budapest. You will not regret it. The riverbank itself is a great attraction, apart from the view it has a meaningful memorial – Shoes on the Danube Bank. This memorial was created to honor the people murdered in the World War II. There are many restaurants around the river as well, so you can have lunch while looking at the beautiful Danube and the city.

Castle District Is Where You Can Find the Best Attractions in Budapest

Castle Hill District is the greatest destinations for tourists. It is full of beautiful architecture, including magnificent historic sights and buildings. You can find many Budapest attractions in the Castle district. There are a lot of museums there, such as the National Gallery or Museum of Telephones. Take your time to dwell on the streets of the district and you will fall in love with the atmosphere the city offers.

Visit The Buda Castle and The Fisherman’s Bastion for the Best View of the City

The Buda Castle can be found in the Castle District as well. You can walk around free of charge, but if you decide to go inside of the museums, located on the territory, you will have to pay a fee. The medieval building is simply charming, so be prepared to spend hours sightseeing there. The actual castle was rebuilt after its destruction in World War II.

The Fisherman’s Bastion should be your next stop, you get to enjoy a view of the entire city from here. It is magnificent! It is part of the Buda Castle, located in the Castle Districts. It used to part of the castle but was destroyed. Still, the ruined walls offer a great background for photos. The Bastion is a terrace with towers from which you can have a fantastic view of the city. There is no entrance fee, so anyone can come in and enjoy the views.

The Zoo and Botanic Garden in the Center of the City

Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden is another great attraction to see. The zoo is a home for a number of apes, giraffes, elephants and many other interesting animals. Typically, a zoo is located outside a city, but this one is the center of Budapest! The trip around the zoo will easily take up to three hours as there is a lot to see there. The Botanic Garden offers a selection of exclusive plants.

Are You Still Wondering What to Do in Budapest?

If you are still wondering what to do in Budapest, do not worry. The city is filled with bars, restaurants, and cafes that will cater to any taste. The Hungarian food is not for everyone but is worth trying to know if you like it. Be aware, Hungarians love spicy food, so expect tons of paprika in whatever you choose to try. Goulash is a traditional dish cooked out of beef and vegetables, worth trying. Another great dish is Somloi Galuska, a traditional dessert consisting of three kinds of cake and whipped cream on top.