california science center

California Science Center

California Science Center is a great place to visit with your kids, though even adults will find a lot of interesting things there. The Center offers an interactive experience to help people learn about inventions and innovations as well as the life around us. Do not hesitate; you will definitely spend an entire day filled with fun there, as there is so much to see. Visiting on the weekends is recommended because during weekdays the center is filled with school groups, which can be distracting.

IMAX Cinema Theatre with Educational Movies

At first, you can be a bit disoriented because of how many things you can see at the center. There is even an IMAX cinema theater on the territory. The movies you can see there are of educational nature and designed to entertain kids. You can enjoy a movie about the wildlife, pandas, ancient Egypt or space shuttles.

Live Shows

The Science Center offers live shows as demonstrations of scientific principles. These shows are interactive so your kids will enjoy the experience. The shows can be seen within different exhibits. For instance, in the World of Life Exhibit, you can be a part of the Brain Cart live show. It is a demonstration of brain functions through experiments.

Permanent Exhibit of the Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Endeavour is one of the Air and Space Exhibitions in the center. This exhibition is particularly interesting as it has the actual spacecraft that were in the orbit of Earth. Even if you are not a space geek, you will be fascinated to see those shuttles. The Air and Space Exhibit also includes a gallery, in which you can see photos that show our solar system and the history of space exploration.

Special Exhibits at the Science Center

The Center features a number of special exhibitions that are limited in time. One of the most interesting out of those is the King Tut Exhibition. This exhibit celebrates the anniversary of King Tut’s tomb being discovered. It features artifacts from the actual tomb that the visitors get to see in real life.

Image by Richard Kim (self-published from Wikipedia) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons