Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens – The abundant tropical world welcomes you to explore and enjoy an edutainment experience for the whole family! Established in the year 1975, July 4, the place is being visited by people from all corners of the world.

The zoo is home to more than 500 animals of 205 species. The figures do not include bugs in the Massey Services Inset Zoo! The Aerial adventure trip will take you to the sky and explore the Zoom Air Adventure Park. Take your flip-flops and swimsuit to have a short bath in the Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground.

The Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo is rich with domestic animals and you can have a look at the Southeast’s biggest collection of both poisonous and harmless reptiles in the Herpetarium. If you visit on weekends, you can get a chance to enjoy Keeper Chats! You can arrange your company meeting, family reunion, children’s birthday party, etc at the zoo!

In 2014, the Zoom has brought a new giraffe show, with three male giraffes. Visitors can feed them from 10 am to 3 pm for $5. The zoo also offers a rhino encounter from every Friday to Sunday. Other attractions includes pygmy goats, chocoan musk hog, silver-cheeked hornbills and other varieties of birds, warthogs, a wreathed hornbill, a tawny frogmouth and Nigerian dwarf goats. Take a visit to Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo to find a variety of domestic animals.

The zoo has added Fossa, a rare animal in the year 2014. These animals look like cat, weasel or monkey. They have a long tail like a monkey, hands with claws like a cat and round small ears like a weasel. They share some versions with cats, but they are related to the civet and mongoose.

With an Annual ZOO pass, you can enjoy wildlife throughout the year. You can visit the zoo for free and enjoy the Animal Carousel and Little Florida Coast Line Train with a Ride Pass. Pets are not allowed in the Zoo. If you bring your pets, you must accompany him/her at the Paw Pak in Sanford while your family or friends visiting the Zoo. It is against the Zoo rules to leave your pet in the car. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great time along with your family or friends at one of the most renowned attractions in Central Florida.