French Riviera – The Greatest Resort

It is a picturesque nook in the South East of France. More commonly, the place is referred to as Côte d’Azur, which translates as the blue coast. As you might have guessed, the place is famous for its beautiful beaches and perfect climate. The coast primarily became famous as the first resort of the modern times. No wonder, as at least 310 days a year it is filled with sunshine. The French Riviera resort remains popular to this day. However, that is not everything that the place has to offer. It is home to wildest parties, casinos, many festivals, rallies. It is also rich in its views of the seaside and mountains. Additionally, it is a number one destination for yacht lovers as it is perfect for cruising. Whatever reason you have to visit French Riviera you most certainly will not regret it, and this list will introduce its most famous attractions to you.

Nice – Best French Riviera Beaches

You surely must have heard of Nice as it is the largest city in French Riviera and home to many beautiful sights. It is actually the capital of the area, hence there are many people visiting it each year.

There are a number of things you can enjoy in Nice. Firstly and most obviously, the coastline and the climate. You can spend days enjoying the sun and the Mediterranean sea. Then, there are endless restaurant and cafes with terraces, offering amazingly tasty food and beautiful views. An unjoyful experience, no dough. Lastly, Nice is rich in its historic heritage. There is an abundance of museums and examples of extraordinary beautiful architecture. Strolling down the streets of the city, especially at night when it is animated

Cannes – Luxury Site

Most famous for the well known film festival, the place is also a great tourist destination. There is a stereotype that only rich and famous people can afford a holiday in Cannes, which is not necessarily the truth. However, the city is a home to many luxury locations, including restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. The Promenade de la Croisette is a sight worth visiting. It is a road along the seashore, filled with top places to visit in the French Riviera. There is also a number of museums worth visiting, such as the Museum of Art and History.

Antibes – Great French Riviera Resort

One of the lesser-known places in the area. Located between Cannes and Nice, it is mostly a resort area. This is a great place to visit for a perfect holiday. Mostly, you will be enjoying the beautiful sun filled French Riviera beaches and seashores. However, there are many parks and gardens open to the public that are filled with beautiful man-made landscapes. The Exflora Park and The Eilenroc Gardens are great examples of places were you can enjoyably spend time. The first one is a home to olive trees, ponds, and fountains while the second one is famous for being built in the middle of the desert.

Saint-Tropez – Best Parties

The glamorous area is famous for its endless parties. One of the most loved by celebrities and famous people destination in the area. More commonly known as a great seaside French Riviera resort. You can windsurf or enjoy canoeing while on your vacation. It is also a great place to visit in case you divide to make a stop while cruising on your yacht. Ramatuelle is an endless French Riviera beach where you can enjoy life. Vieux Port or the Old Port is a place with great atmosphere where you can enjoy the sight of many boats and yachts, or take a ride on one of them. You can walk around the city’s ancient markets and the harbor. The Old Town has a lot to offer for architecture lovers as it is filled with old houses.