kakslauttanen arctic resort glass igloos

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Travel Guide

If looking for a ski adventure, wonder at the northern lights in a glass igloo or just simply to enjoy the delights that northern Scandinavia can offer you then this place ticks all the boxes. A mere stone’s throw from Urho Kekkonen National Park, the resort is easily accessible with regular flights from Helsinki Airport and only a 30-minute journey from Ivalo Airport.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in Saariselkä in northern Finland and offers the wonders of nature for eight months of the year. The unique vacation destination allows you to experience the winter wonderland north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.

Sleeping Under the Stars

When choosing your place to stay at the site, you become aware of the vast different options that this resort has to offer. You can sleep in the traditional log chalets that are often found encompassing the snowy trees in the forest or take advantage of the new igloos. The choice of a glass, Kelo-glass or a snow igloo which will allow you to gaze at the northern lights in amazement in the comfort of a bed with your spouse.

If the northern lights and the accommodation are the only the selling point that Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has to offer, then the resort will be doing well. That is not good enough for the operators of the resort as there are many more things to do in different seasons.

Wrap Up Warm

If you can brave the winter conditions, then a husky or reindeer safari is a must. Sledging through the wilderness at the call of wildlife allows you to explore the beauty of northern Finland. The husky adventure is more for the adrenaline junkie, while the reindeer trip allows you to relax and take in nature.

There is also skiing and snowboarding, ice-breaking, ice fishing and snowmobile experiences all available at reasonable prices.

The Rise of the Sun

In the intense summer months, the light is there to explore further as the sun fails to set during the months between mid-May and August. Perfect conditions for a fishing trip or all-terrain vehicle safari as you again explore the nature that surrounds the resort.

Digging for Gold

Gold mining is also an attractive option as you become richer every time you sieve through the mud and sand of the local river banks. There is also an incentive that if you collect enough gold fragments then they will make your findings into a gold ring for your love.

The appeal of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is greater due to the many more services, restaurants and saunas available to guests, allowing you to stay for a couple of days, a week or as long you keep paying the bill. The resort has everything a tourist should achieve from their holiday, especially if they want to experience the wonders of nature and the northern lights. Just remember to take extra layers of clothing, as it will get cold, no matter what season you look to book your holiday.