london tower bridge

London Tower Bridge

Did you know that the London Tower Bridge is the oldest working bridge in London? It was built in 1894 and it still survives the weight of the pedestrians and vehicles and follows a schedule to give the boats and the barges a way to pass.

Cultural and Architectural Landmark

The London Tower Bridge is not only functional as it connects the two banks of River Thames, but it is also a cultural and architectural landmark of the city. This is the reason why it attracts so many tourists on a daily basis.

History of Construction

To talk about a bit of its construction history, initially, over 50 designs were submitted, among which only one was accepted. Working on that design, the 432 workers took more than 8 years to erect this masterpiece, which at that time was the only cross-over on the Thames.

Points of Interest for Tourists

The London Tower Bridge offers exceptional things to do to the tourists like you. Courtesy of The Tower Bridge Exhibition, you can walk on the Glass Walkway and look down upon the walkways with a different perspective, you can have a look at the Victorian Engine Rooms to delve into the way the tower was powered in the past, and also have an astounding view of the surrounding museums and historic buildings by using the East Walkway.

Besides offering you stunning views, the East Walkway also offers the “Great Bridges of the World” exhibition, which includes the presentation of 20 bridges, each showing a distinct engineering feat.

The London Tower Bridge is one of the key symbols of the city of London, due to its history and architecture. Owing to this, it serves not only as a tourist spot but also as a symbol to honour to the royal family. For example, it was painted red, blue, and white to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977.