London Travel Guide

Walking down the street in the midst of the summer, the legs become achy, the back becomes sweaty but it doesn’t matter too much as you’re a tourist in London.

Around every corner in central London is a sight to behold, whether it is a unique shop, monument, a leisure activity to pass the time or a beverage of your choice in one of London’s established bars.

The city is the main tourist attraction within the United Kingdom, which brought around 37 million to the region in 2017. Split into 32 boroughs, London is expansive with the majority of the action happening in central London.

This is where you will pick up a postcard and find a recognisable attraction from the centre of the city adorning the front.

This complete city is often battling it out with Berlin and Paris for the capital of Europe. London stands on the River Thames and has become a global centre for arts, finance, entertainment, commerce and fashion.

Whether you are visiting London for one week, a month or staying for a year, there is an endless list to stop you experiencing boredom. London allows you to watch a movie on a riverboat, walk into a free museum and enjoy a music festival all in a 24-hour period. The fun does not depend on the budget as there are many things to do for free and at a low price.


Corridors of Power

Westminster is situated in central London and is the heart of the city, and possibly the United Kingdom. Here you will find the building that houses the corridors of power, where the big discussions take place and debating is at it’s finest.

The Houses of Parliament is open to the public on most days. Tours are available at a price although you will find a number of restricted areas. If politics is your thing, then this a must have to tick off your bucket list, especially considering the history of British politics.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Situated next to the site and visible as you make your way over Tower Bridge, Big Ben can rely on the space of its own and amaze due to its architectural brilliance. The UNESCO World Heritage Site allows you to experience the gothic revival style that is evident in both the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Although currently under refurbishment, there will be a chance to explore the goings on inside the tower and the bell once the work has been completed. Instead, you will have to make to make do with a selfie infront of the clock tower.

Fit for King or Queen

Located a short distance away, the head of the monarchy’s residence allows a royal fan to move within the non-restricted areas of the Queen’s home. Buckingham Palace is open during the summer months and allows you to get close-up with a number of recognisable items of the Queen and the Royal family. Wonder down the Mall and get a sense of history of the royal family.

Unlikely to see the Queen and Prince Phillip during your visit, a trip to Kensington Palace is also a must for any enthusiasts. The home of Prince William and Prince Harry is set in the beauty of the gardens and the adjacent Hyde Park. A perfect spot should you want a picnic or just a relaxing hour to soak up the sun.

The Tower with Crown Jewels

Get a sense of history when visiting the Tower of London after the king with seven wives beheaded four within the tower. You may get a feeling of Henry VIII when visiting the castle or even William the Conqueror, who had planned and built the Tower of London. Discover its history extending over a 900-year history as a royal palace, prison and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo.

The bridge next to tower is also a must-see attraction, allowing you to continue your tour of one of London’s focal point in history. The crown jewels are housed there and it is worth waiting around to see the mechanical architecture of Tower Bridge lifting.

View from the Sky

If you wish to get a view of the attractions, then there are many locations to gain that photo of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of London. The tourist thing to do is get yourself a pod on the London Eye, where the 30-minute ride will allow you to view Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and other central London attractions. You may be able to see outside the centre and into the boroughs on a good day.

Skyscrapers adorn the London skyline, with a number of the high towers allowing people to pay to watch the world go by from their high floors. The Shard is the one that offers the best experience, with a restaurant and function rooms allowing the observation deck, which sits 800ft (244m) up western Europe’s tallest building, to shine.

Free Culture and History

Many museums across the city are free to the public, with the capital of culture offering some of the best exhibitions for little of the price. The National History and the Science Museum are both free to the public and offer a chance to explore some of the interesting facts of our favourite subjects that we learnt at school. Both are located in close proximity, allowing oneself to enjoy the delights one after another.

The majority of the most popular museums do not require an entry fee to attend, with the sites privately funded and relying on the add-ons that such site possesses. Depending on your interests, London caters.

If it is art that excites you, then the Tate Modern, Sir John Soane’s Museum, National Portrait Gallery and Serpentine Galleries offer a wide mixture of the world recognised greatest paintings from across the world. The museums regularly put on exhibitions, with entry to these temporary displays likely to require an entrance fee.

Then there is National Army Museum, National Maritime Museum, Imperial War Museum, Museum of London and the British Museum should you want to revisit time and experience what it was like to live during World War or get a sense of the historic times that has shaped the London and England we see outside the doors of the museum.

London, Museum

The Garden of Covent

Many people go to Covent Garden for many different reasons, whether it be for the food, to socialise with a few drinks or shop. All can be done at the district in Greater London. Whether you want to find the garment or the designer of your choice, then Covent Garden’s host of shops will not disappoint.

It can often leave you hungry and thirsty when deciding which top, dress or shoes to buy. Well, you don’t have to go far in Covent Garden, as there is a number of bars, restaurants and pubs that offer high-quality entertainment.

Should you want a restaurant then Aubaine Deli, Opera Tavern and Frog by Adam Handling are the best options to grab a good bite to eat. Roadhouse’s, Mabels, Notes, Blind Spot and Wahaca are also good options to consider.

An alcoholic beverage or a soft drink is desired then the Punch & Judy is the place to be. The Crusting Pipe, White Lion and Nag’s Head are also good options.

Shop Until You Drop

London is known for being innovative in fashion, with many shops located within the central areas offering an expensive item or a bargain. Boutiques line the more popular streets, with Harrods and Selfridges offering the designer items that most people crave. Westfield shopping centre offers a mix of high street and boutique in both of their shopping centres.

There are numerous markets located in the capital. Broadway Market, Greenwich Market, Camden Lock Market, Portobello Road Market, Brick Lane Market and Borough Market all offer variety in terms of price, value for money and the products available. Should you wish to visit a specific market, it is best to gather more information as opening times and days vary.

Getting from A to B

London is known for its extensive transport links across the city, with the bus and London Underground platforms allowing a traveller to reach their site easily and within good time. It is one of the most user-friendly public transport systems in Europe. All public transport lines are clearly marked, and instructions and announcements are made in English. Most of the ways of getting around London are reliable, however, the London Underground is the most reliable, cost-efficient way of getting around the city. The underground is priced on the different zones you visit and is reasonably priced for travellers if remaining in a certain zone, like central London for example.

If travelling far and wide, then the bus or taxi option is suitable for any tourist. There are over 700 different bus routes in London and it is one of the most common transport methods in London, while Uber’s emergence is also a viable option and operated at a reasonable price.

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