Making Your Vacation Memorable, Enjoyable and Safe

As you press the snooze button on your alarm clock for the second time, take one foot out of bed and remind yourself its only x amount of days before you depart on your travels.

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the build-up as your suitcase announces itself on the airport paving stones, the anticipation for the departure flies by and before you know it, the adventure has finished. The two weeks are over. You find yourself at the airport waiting for the airline to call you to the departure gate back home. Back to snoozing that alarm, the noise you haven’t missed during your time away.

Those ‘holiday blues’ set in quickly enough and you have soon forgotten the previous holiday and you are now planning your next adventure.

Whether it is a romantic break in the Caribbean or trekking through the Amazon jungle, you want your travels to be the greatest experience, especially if you are embarking on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Simple tips can be followed to ensure that you travel safely and make the most of your vacation away. Going home with a smile on your face rather than wishing for a couple more days as you failed to achieve everything you wished for.

Flexibility to Amend Plans

Many people are right to make plans when going on holiday and it is perfectly acceptable to do so, however flexibility is required to ensure those plans become spontaneous and exciting, avoiding the disappointment. Note down the things you want to do prior to the holiday and when you arrive at the hotel, plan the next one or two days with activities. There are many differential circumstances that can come into play, which end up spoiling those well-structured plans, and end up dampening the holiday.

Explore and Talk to the Locals

Locations, particularly exotic destinations, can quickly lose their magic if all you do is hole yourself up in a resort all day. As much as relaxation is required, the best experiences come from exploring and talking to the locals. Basic levels of English are spoken across the world, demonstrated with body language, can allow you to get a better sense of the location. This will help you get to the hidden gems of the city and experience new things, activities and food as the locals will have better knowledge than you.

Meeting new people can also add to your holiday, whether it is a holiday romance or new friends. It can make or break the vacation, meeting the right people may allow you to try new things, learning for those live in the country or city, with people enriching ever more than sights can do.

Document Your Travels

To make sure those hidden gems and new people are never forgotten, it is important to capture those spontaneous moments and the best memories. Possessing any form of camera or video recorder and having it with you when you venture outside the hotel is vital, especially if you want to document your holiday. You may only see these places & meet these people once in your lifetime.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

People who are willing to take risks and try something new reap bigger rewards. Coming out of your comfort zone allows us to learn things and gain new experiences, helping turn fear into excitement. Challenging yourself can be a daunting experience, but getting used to overcoming those challenges will lessen anxiety Whether it is facing the fear of trying water sports, meeting new people or just leaving the hotel room to overcome your anxiety issues, the benefits are evident to see when you out step your comfort.

To enjoy your fortnight, weekend or year-long vacation, you must value your safety and to do that is to remain aware of your surroundings and evaluate the necessity of taking a risk. You will have the comfort of insurance but waiting in a hospital room or police station is not a money well spent situation.

Staying Safe

When you are on holiday and you look to take in the local scenery and experience as much as you can, it is easy to forget there are dangerous people and places on this earth, more so than some. Unfortunately, it is not safe for a woman to walk alone at night in some countries, the risk of kidnap for financial gain is high across the majority of the African continent and criminal organisations now target tourists in well-frequented areas. Not to scare yourself, but it is best to read any advice from local travel organisations or ask your hotel staff of any areas best to avoid.

Advice From Government Agencies

Seeking advice from your local government agencies and the diplomatic mission is advisable to get a feel of the security situation in the country and if there is specific information relating to the city or local area you are visiting. The United States Embassy and the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) both provide the latest and valuable information concerning security, safety and medical risks.

The Loss of Your Passport

One of those risks that are consistent across the globe is the theft or loss of your passport. It is vital to carry photocopies of your passport, saving time when you will need to contact your embassy to ensure that you will be arriving back in home and love-hate relationship of your alarm.

There are many things to consider when packing your suitcase for the holiday, whether it is the right clothes, enough space to bring souvenirs home for friends and family or security precautions to ensure the mishaps are avoided.

Holidays are for enjoyment, relaxation and adventure so make sure the day-to-day routine of back home is missed and make your own guidelines to stick by to ensure that your vacation is memorable, as it deserves.