reichsburg castle

Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Germany

Being the largest hill-castle on the Moselle, Reichsburg Castle is more than a castle. With an impressive display of Baroque and Renaissance furniture, the new castle rebuilt after 1868 in the Neo-Gothic architectural style is one among the magnificent German Castles. Hohenschwangau Castle is one of the other popular German castles built in the same style.

A Short History

It is assumed that the first castle was built in the 11th century by the palatinate count, Ezzo. The castle became an imperial fiefdom when Staufer dynasty was reigning in Germany. The castle remained under hereditary fiefdom until 1794. Meanwhile the castle was fortified in the 14th century under the Archbishop Balduin.

In 1688, King Louis XIV of France invaded the Rhine and Moselle area and the castle too was occupied, set on fire, undermined and blown up in May, 1689. Until 1868, the castle remained in ruins only to be bought and renewed by a Berlin businessman Mr. Louis Ravene. The castle was then rebuilt on the remains of the late Gothic lines.

The New Castle

The new castle was rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style and the Ravene family used the building as summer residence. The castle is well-equipped with Renaissance and Baroque furniture, carefully collected by the Ravene family. After 1978, the town of Cochem took over the ownership and is run by “Reichsburg Cochem Ltd.” The castle situated on a distinct hill, over 100 meters above the Moselle River has become a popular tourist attraction.

Visitors to the castle can take guided tours, children’s guided tours, savor the Rustic and Knight’s Meals and take part in the gourmet festival, the medieval castle festival, the Sparkling Wine Gala, and cultural events including the Cochem Castle Christmas.

There is a shuttle bus service from Cochem to the castle, and additional bus services are also available during Easter weekend, castle festivals, during feast days down town and on such other special schedules. Take a tour through the Cochem town with the Night Watchman, it is worth taking.

The castle has its own restaurant and offers gourmet services from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day; from its terrace you will love the stunning views of the town and the beautiful valley by the river Moselle.