edinburgh castle

The Fascinating Edinburgh Castle

If there is one thing that can symbolize Scotland, it would be the Edinburgh Castle. Not just as a part of Scottish royal history, but also its position and the age of this architectural wonder that dates back to the Bronze Age, make this the most visited tourist destination in Scotland. Inhabited for about 2865 years, the Castle Rock, as it was named in the early years, has been the home to the Scottish royal family and then became the main base for the British Army in Scotland.

The Oldest Building in Scotland

The Edinburgh Castle is located on a volcanic hill top. Archaeological evidences prove that after the Bronze Age, even the Iron Age warriors realized the potential of this Castle on top of the rock and they built the fort around the hill. Since then, it has had many owners and inhabitants. The Edinburgh Castle has been the key to Scottish Kingdom and hence, its control was a most sought after one.

The inhabitants

During the 11th century, Queen Margaret and King Malcolm Canmore lived in this castle. After both of them died, their son, David I built the St Margaret’s Chapel in the memory of his mother. When Robert the Bruce seized the castle and destroyed every other part of it, he spared this chapel, giving it the status of the oldest surviving building in Scotland.

What You Can Discover in Edinburg Castle

Every year, thousands of visitors visit the Edinburgh Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • The Edinburgh Castle offers a panoramic view of the capital city of the country.
  • Visit the St Margaret’s Chapel, the oldest building in Scotland.
  • The One o’clock Gun is fired every day, right at 1 o’clock, except for Sundays.
  • Experience and encounter the history that has actually taken place in this castle.
  • Walk down The Entrance Gateway, Mills Mount Battery, the One O’Clock Gun, Mons Meg, Great Hall and the Castle Vaults to experience the complete beauty of this castle.