Top 5 Frankfurt Tourist Attractions

Frankfurt lies south of the industrial cities in the north-west in Central Germany. The city is known for being the central point for financial decisions and business ideas as the Stock Exchange and many banks are headquartered in Frankfurt. Controlling the nation’s finances has led Frankfurt Airport to becoming the fourth busiest airport in Europe, however there are areas where there is greater appeal to a general tourists. When etched out of the steel landscapes and away from the money theme, Frankfurt is the city of culture, scenery and architecture.

In Frankfurt, there are sites that will amaze and entertain. The top five tourists destinations are listed below.

1. Alte Oper (The Old Opera House)

Reopening in 1981 following the destruction caused by World War II, Alte Oper identifies itself with the bright colours during the evening hours and it’s sheer beauty in the daylight.

It stands out amongst the overshadowing skyscrapers in the financial district, the building is an invitation to marvel at German theatre, which it now hosts. The Odernplatz creates more theatre to the building, with the architecture of the building gives you the opportunity to break while your eyes inspect and wonder.

Once finished, the nearby Große Bockenheimer Straße presents a different type of attraction as you can get lost in the shopping of the street, which possesses a number of high-end shops and cafes.

2. Museumsufer

If museums are your thing then this is the place to be, Museumsufer is home to 13 museums on the banks. The large collection is ideal to fit two or three exhibitions in one morning while going to a different part of the city for a dissimilar experience.

Whatever your interests are Museumsufer is likely to cater, as it houses the fine art in Städel, the Jewish History, communication and other fine art museums.

3. Kleinmarkthalle

Should you wish to get away from dominant figures of steel there is no better place to do it at the Kleinmarkthalle. The colours and liveliness of the market that allows 160 stallholders to sell their goods and customers to explore home-grown and imported goods from across Europe.

Opened during the week and busy during Saturday, the market is a must visit to get a feeling of the local atmosphere that is different from the international corporate world of the city business district.

4. Römerberg

The central square is one of the centrepieces of the city as the medieval buildings and large square allows you to explore the old town. The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen statue is something to look at with splendour.

The Römer town hall building lies at the centre and if you lucky, you may experience the love of a couple as the building regularly hosts a wedding.

5. Observation Platform of the Main Tower

If you like to take that ideal photo home to the friends and family then climbing, or take a lift, to the observation platform to see the city of Frankfurt. The 56-storey building has two platforms that will give you views of the Main River and city district.

The fourth tallest building in Germany is not the right choice if you have vertigo or scared of heights though.