UCL Art Museum

The UCL Art Museum situated at the heart of the University College London has its collection at a traditional Print room. The huge collection amounting to over 10,000 pieces from 15th century onwards is accessible to public through temporary exhibitions and displays arranged within the UCL campus. The Flaxman Gallery is the most important of the art galleries with a vast collection of sculpture models and drawings by the neoclassical artist John Flaxman. The other major art works include drawings by Turner, etchings by Rembrandt and the works on paper showcased in the Strang Print Room.

History of UCL Art Museum

With its first display in 1847, the museum mostly had sculpture models and drawings gifted by John Flaxman. The Grote bequest of 1872 gave the museum an interesting collection of 16th century German collection including Renaissance and Baroque prints and drawings mostly from Northern Europe. The Vaughan bequest in 1900 expanded the collection with Turner’s and De Wint’s drawings, Rembrandt etchings and Constable’s English Landscape Scenery.

The Sherborn bequest in 1937, the prize-winning student collection, gift of works by the staff and students of Slade and the recent purchase of art works of Gwen John, Stanley Spencer and the students of Slade has further augmented the collection at the UCL Art museum.

Information on Public Program and Teaching

Located in the Wilkins Building, Gower Street, the UCL Art Museum is open to public from Monday to Friday between 1 pm and 5 pm. The museum is open for pre-arranged research appointments all through the year. The museum’s public program includes lunchtime talks, Pop-Up displays, Film Club Screenings, practical workshops and evening lectures.

Art works by Van Dyck, Augustus John, Turner, John Flaxman, Henry Tonks, Albrecht Durer, and William Coldstream are a major attraction at the UCL Art museum. Functioning as a university museum, the UCL art Museum focuses on research and interdisciplinary teaching. The UCL academics and museum team arrange exhibitions and public programs to achieve this goal.