Winter in Valencia

  • Posted on: November 16, 2018
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A holiday in Spain is largely associated with the sun, sand and sea but now a coastal city is attracting visitors in a different season altogether.

Winter is slowly becoming a favourite season to visit the eastern area of Spain. A favourite among tourists is not Barcelona, Palma, Benidorm or Alicante, but Valencia is seeing increased tourism figures during the time of the year where the warm weather and temperatures tend to lack.

Temperatures within winter regularly reach around 15-20 degrees Celsius, so the word winter doesn’t have the same meaning as it would to many Scandinavians or the Europeans more known to experience a heavy snowfall.

So with the weather unlikely to drop below zero, what is there to do in Valencia when visiting the city in the colder months of October, November, December and January.

Many Things to See Indoors

When the weather is cold outside, there are many things to experience indoors. Experience culture, arts and the Valencian way of life in all it’s glory.

The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències or City of Arts and Science in English should be experienced. The site consists of several buildings, one of which has Europe’s largest aquarium and the local science museum. A cinema, opera theatre and a sporting arena make up the rest of the area, which is an architectural wonder just to look at it.

There are many museums located within the city itself, ideal for spending a morning or afternoon marvelling at the wonders that are displayed within. There is the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Ceramics Museum. Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, Silk Museum, Museum of Patriarch, Valencian History Museum and L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum.

Ringing With the Views

Not many people may know it but they are are more than 2,000 years of history within Valencia as the city was once one of the most important historic centres.

On a good clear day, which is possible in the winter season, the chances to take in the views of Valencia is a chance that cannot be forgotten. Going to the most emblematic tower in the city, the Miguelete bell tower, you will be able to see a 360º view of the city from the top.

That goes after climbing the 51-metre high spiral staircase with 207 steps to reach the terrace around the belfry, with the impressive views a must-see.

Support the Local’s Passion

Valencia is home to two football teams currently playing in the Spanish premier division, La Liga, with visits to the Mestalla and Ciudad de València stadiums a must.

Home to Levante and Valencia, the football season will be in full swing come winter with both teams hopefully mixing at the top with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

If your holiday doesn’t match up with a gameday then going to the newly-built Mestalla for a stadium tour to learn the club’s history and view their trophies is a worthwhile experience.

The Dance and Food of the Nation

Valencia is known for continuing Spanish traditions in their finest form, flamenco and paella.

You can sample some of the best Spanish cuisine in many of the restaurants along the Playa de las Arenas or you can head to one of the eateries situated right in the heart of the Albufera Natural Park. Views are special and perfect to the waste a few vital hours.

To finish off the paella or tapas, you can venture down to a flamenco dance club and be able to view the professional’s dance that inspires many locals. Or, even try if for yourself.

Exploring the City on Two Wheels

One of the best ways to explore the city is on two wheels. Valencia is a bike-friendly city that is perfect to take in the views of the historic centre.

The authorities have promoted the mode of travel throughout the year as it is an easy way to view the sites. These cycle paths connect all the neighbourhoods of the city.

There is no better way to explore the nine kilometres of Turia Gardens than on a bicycle, with the fresh air within the park allowing you to take in nature in its purest form.

It doesn’t matter what season you visit Valencia in, your visit will be worth the money and certainly fulfilled.